All Too Human by Howard Brown


Entertaining, informative and truly thought-provoking, the adjectives can run and run. The way Howard has picked himself up, dusted himself off and reshaped his life is inspiring stuff. I hope he continues to go from strength to strength. Bravo old warrior! Bravo!

Barry McGuigan - WBA World Boxing Champion 1985-1986

Howard Brown is a rare person indeed, a retired undefeated undisputed World Kickboxing Champion, a black atheist, an ex con and now a talented writer. In the ring he was a dangerous competitor, yet outside is a warm caring individual. His engaging way of writing his story is refreshing and leaves the reader thinking there but for the grace of God go I. It's such a wonderful story that I had no doubt it would be a page turner while the word boring is never and never has been in Howards vocabulary.

Good Luck Howard.

Tom Ross, Group Head of Sport - Orion Media Ltd.
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I came to this book as a hostile critic. I'd said I would review it and felt I ought to do so, but what do I care for a book by a black, English, kick-boxing champion who has spent a fair chunk of life in prison.

Now I care. It is a significant, thought provoking and entertaining piece of literature, potentially life changing and not far from masterpiece.

Jeff Hunt - The Humanist Society

All Too Human moves through triumph, anguish, discovery, enlightenment, and ultimately redemption in the shadows of the penal system. Howard Brown’s fearless and dangerous odyssey is both compelling and daunting. It is a story of life’s impoverishing inclinations and its unexpected enrichments, told with wit and intelligence and in a way that will inspire.

Ellis Cashmore - Professor of culture, media and sport, Staffordshire University, England. Author of Tyson: Nurture of the Beast

This is the autobiographical account of how and why a successful sportsman and promoter, Howard Brown, finds himself serving a long prison sentence.

With acute powers of observation, he treats the reader to penetrating insights on a wide range of topics as well as the absurdities of prison life.

He also begins a research project on religion with a cross-cultural outlook, arriving at thoroughly sceptical conclusions. The process is intensive and teaches him, through self criticism, to be a writer.

Brown is particularly adept at tempering hope with wit and down-to-earth realism. This ability in particular keeps matters entertaining. All Too Human leaves us wanting to hear more of what this prodigious new talent has to say.

John Edwards - The Ethical Society

Exhilarating, absorbing, and enlightening... Proof that you do not need mythical belief to draw on inner strength and turn your life around. Howard Brown's factual observations and insights will leave many feeling liberated and others both shaken and stirred. This journey is truly a triumph born out of adversity... unputdownable.

Asad Abbas - Chartered Clinical Psychologist B.A. (Hons.)