All Too Human by Howard Brown

About The Author

Howard Brown was born in Handsworth, Birmingham, England in 1957 and educated at the prestigious Handsworth Grammar School for Boys. On leaving school he worked for a major High Street bank for seven years before co-founding the first and at that time the largest Kick-Boxing association in Great Britain.

Already the World Featherweight Amateur Kick-Boxing Champion he added the World Professional Championship to his laurels and to this day remains the only British fighter to have held undisputed World titles as both an amateur and a professional.

Many years later he was arrested and charged with conspiracy to supply cannabis and given a ten year sentence of imprisonment. During his time in jail he devoted himself to ancient Near Eastern studies and current affairs. All Too Human is the autobiographical account of his time inside and offers an insight on life in a modern jail and a condensed version of his work.

*(All Too Human is the rebranded title of Journey Through Darkness - Romulus Publishing 2008)